Camera Tests & Prep at Panavision

This was my very first time at Panavision, and it didn't disappoint! 

I was there to prep all the gear and make sure the camera was good to go. This was all for a big commercial shoot the next day. We were shooting on the Alexa mini, which was a first for me. The mini is much smaller and weighs less than the Alexa, so it's easier to use for longer durations of handheld work. 

If I had to describe the main room, I'd say picture a gun range, but replace the guns with Arri Alexa's. I had never seen so many! Every shoot I've worked on so far has used gear supplied by Panavision. It was funny recognising everything and seeing how it all came together. 

A lot of people have told me that a healthy relationship with Panavision will help so much when you start focus pulling and dp'ing, such as lending gear for free on low budget shoots. So I will have to make sure I go back soon!