Camera trainee for Google TV Ad with DP Steve Annis!

It's been an exciting first month in London. I have spent most of my time working on set as a camera trainee for Steve Annis. Steve is one of my all time favourite cinematographers; he has shot commercials for Waitrose, Landrover, Adidas, and music videos for Florence and the Machine, Rudimental, U2, Calvin Harris. 

The first shoot was the next Google TV Commercial. This threw me right into the deep end, on a HUGE budget 4 day shoot. We shot on three Red Epic Dragons, and used octocopters on the first day. The first day had an extremely early call time, which meant setting my alarm for 2am! I felt quite useless on the first day, because I was so new to being on set. But this slowly went away and I could pre-empt what needed to be done. We were shooting with vintage Panavision Anamorphic G and C series lenses. There are only 6 sets of these lenses in the world. Steve ALWAYS shoots Anamorphic, and if you check out his work you can see why. These lenses are priceless, and are used on Tarantino and Nolan films. So when we changed lenses, and the old lens was passed to me to safely put into the lens box, I was ultra careful!

The second was a two day shoot for channel 4. This was in a huge studio in Ealing called Black Island Studios, so I thought it was more relaxed and controlled. It was interesting working on an artificially built set, as well seeing the freedom that gives on positioning the lights to get the look that Steve wants. 

The third was a 4-day shoot for Richmmond Sausages. This was shot on the ArriAlexa, which is the best digital camera money can buy, but there isn't much between this and the Red Epic Dragon. 

These three shoots have taught me so much. The general set etiquette was probably what I learned most. As well as watching Steve and understanding how he lights a scene was so valuable. 

These shoots definitely confirmed for me that I want to be a DP. 
Hopefully more shoots coming up!